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" I have been studying Japanese for approximately 25 years. Prior to meeting Amity Language Centerís Yuko Kawaguchi, I had studied at various other language schools. However, since enrolling in a class with her, I have remained a loyal student. I have studied with her for over 20 years, and enrolled at Amity Language Institute upon its founding. I have continued to study at Amity with her and a variety of other teachers, and have found them all to be excellent. Japanese is by no means an easy language for English-speakers to learn. However, after studying at Amity Language Institute, I went to Japan two years ago for the very first time and was thrilled to find I was able not just to ask directions and order food, but to converse casually with people. I am also comfortable reading short fiction and non-fiction pieces, no easy feat in Japanese due to the extremely difficult writing system. In addition, Amity frequently offers cultural events, dinners and parties that I have enjoyed immensely, and that have allowed me to further use my Japanese in conversational settings. In short, my instruction at Amity Language Institute has been a completely marvelous experience for me, and I would recommend it highly to anyone interested in learning Japanese."
Melanie Peterson

"Ever since college, I have been fascinated by Japanese food, manga, and other culture, and wanted to visit Japan. So two years ago, I decided to learn the language in order to get a deeper and better-rounded understanding this beautiful country.

However, learning a foreign language can be fun and frustrating at the same time. Thatís when you need dedicated and experienced teachers to guide you and keep you motivated. I feel so lucky that I found Amity Language Institute. Every class was well prepared; vocabulary, grammar, culture, reading, conversation were strategically interspersed. And to make the class more interesting, we wrote recipes, watched videos, read old Japanese fairy tales, etc. Moreover, the school often organizes different parties to let students from different classes get to know each other. After two years, I feel that we have become a family now.

Last year, my teacher here at Amity encouraged me to take the JLPT N4 test just to see where I stood. For me, my busy working life force me to skip some classes. But thanks to the teacher, we carefully scheduled the time. We practiced a lot in class and also did lots of out-of-class practice exams which the teacher helped us obtain. In the last class before the exam, our teacher brought us katsu sando (fried pork sandwiches), because ďkatsuĒ (deep-fried pork) has the same pronunciation as ďWin.Ē For good luck, Japanese students always have this before their exams. And now I am proud to say that I have passed N4! This really gave me a lot of confidence. I will continue my study at Amity, and try to pass N3 this year."
Xiaoting Liu

"I have always had an intense interest in the Japanese language and all things Japanese. I began studying on my own, but could not get past the basics by myself. Small class sizes and personalized attention by teachers at Amity Language Institute has helped me progress much faster than if I was hidden in a class of many students! I am inspired to study for about an hour each day, and I can use what I learn in class often. Many authentic Japanese stores and restaurants are within a 5-10 minute walk from Amity Language Institute. I have now been formally studying Japanese for 15 months. Today, I can talk to my Japanese friends and I can understand what is being said in Japanese television programs and songs. A three-month specialized class helped me reach my personal goal of passing the N5 JLPT exam last December, with an 85% score. I am enthusiastic about being in class every week, and I canít wait to see how much more I will learn in the coming months!"
Chris Brooks

"I have been taking Japanese Language classes at Amity Language Institute since the summer of 2009 with a friend who researched many Japanese language centers in NYC. I hadnít taken any formal Japanese lessons, although I traveled to Japan many times before and had fell in love with the country. So I decided it was time for me to learn Japanese and hopefully use my new language skill when I traveled to Japan again.

Learning a new language takes time and patience, but having a class once a week did not create too much of a burden on me. The class size is small, so the teacher spends much time with each individual student. Also, I get to know my classmates quite well. I like the way the course is structured. It focuses on both oral conversations and grammar. I think itís a very systematic and efficient way to learn Japanese. If you are interested in learning Japanese, I highly recommend Amity Language Institute."
Jessica Tseng

"Amity Language Institute not only teaches me the language, but also the teachers there tell me about daily life and about the culture. That helped me when I spent my summer in Japan in a language emersion teen program in the summer of 2010. The things I learned in class helped me adapt to daily life during my homestay and the culture shock was much less than I had feared. It was all thanks to my teachers.

Aside from learning a lot, the teachers, being native, correct us on our pronunciation and tone to make our accent perfect. They grade hard and have high expectations of me and my classmates. Being the youngest student†(by at least 10 years)†in my class, I was worried about being treated differently, but the small class size allows for more individual attention and everyone treats me equally. At Amity, it does not matter how old you are, only that you're willing to put in the effort to learn a foreign language."
Amy Fivis

"I decided to study Japanese a couple of years ago because I always had an interest to know more about Japanese culture. Besides my personal interest in the Japanese language and culture, my brother already had a very advanced understanding of the language and he also suggested that I study Japanese. Before I started to study at Amity Language Institute, I tried to study on my own with many different books, DVDs, and TV dramas because my cultural background is Korean and Korean language structure is extremely similar to Japanese. However, it was not an easy task to study on my own.

Then, I also took a year of Japanese class for level I-IV at New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies. Although studying at NYU helped me to build basic ideas about the language and culture, they did not have a fully organized system after level II. I was lucky to have classmates who wanted to continue to study through level IV, but the instructor had to try several different textbooks to lead all students in the right direction. Personally, I was not satisfied with what I learned from level III and IV classes at NYU.

So, I decided to change to an institute where they offer both a friendly class setting and private lessons to meet my needs. Finally, I found Amity Language Institute around two years ago. Although I could not come to class every week as I planned, Amity Language Institute and my lovely teacher helped me to keep up with the class. Besides learning about vocabulary, grammar, and conversation, I always enjoy learning Japanese culture, new Japanese stores, and restaurant information in New York City. Amity Language Institute has a well organized study plan to learn Japanese successfully, and it is my pleasure to study there. If possible, I am planning to continue my journey of learning Japanese until I achieve JLPT Level N1. Learning a foreign language is a very challenging process and meeting a good instructor is very important. I strongly recommend Amity Language Institute for the educational environment, and because the instructors have a strong passion for teaching and know effective ways to teach Japanese."
Amy Sung

"My sister and I have attended Amity Language Institute for about three years. Learning Japanese had always been a dream to us, but learning on our own had become a nightmare. Our Sensei put us on the right track after a short time. We were excited to learn hiragana. We would look for Japanese childrenísí books, and couldnít wait to read them to our Sensei. That joy of learning is something that Amity Language Institute has created for us! Last year during our first trip to Japan we were happy to be able to communicate in a variety of situations. And Sensei was kind enough to include our parents, who were traveling to Japan with us, in a crash course of Japanese. Our father still talks about how proud he was to use his Japanese language skills to be able to ask for water in a restaurant.

It would be hard to imagine a week without our patient and knowledgeable Sensei guiding us down the road towards fluency."
April and Ebony

"I'm having a great time coming to Amity Language Institute every week and am amazed that not only am I able to read and write Japanese sentences in just a short period but also how much new knowledge about the life and culture of Japan. I learn from week to week through native Japanese teachers and friendly classmates.

During the class, I never get bored. Here, the teachers are strict about our homework and our preparation for the coming lessons. At the same time, I'm impressed by their patience in making the effort to make sure no one is left behind. My study group is small, therefore the teachers effectively respond to individual needs and always encourage inquiry.

I love my textbook 'Minna no Nihongo'. It provides a systematic and well structured method for beginners to learn both the Japanese language and culture. Besides that, extensive reading materials and interactive learning materials like video are also introduced into the class. We always have fun while discussing interesting topics and sharing our opinions and experiences.

Last December, after studying just over six months, I passed JLPT Level N4 with perfect scores in all areas of Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading and Listening.

Last year, I had a great experience practicing what I had learned at friendly gatherings organized by the school. There, I made wonderful friendships with other language students and the staff. We, a group of Japanese language learners, even inspired a Japanese guest to learn another language.

Living and working in New York which is full of Japanese restaurants, markets, and bookstores, and after being with Amity for a year, I have built up my confidence. This school has brightened my life and career."
Yuen Loo

"In April 2010, at the age of 52, I started my first lessons in Japanese at the beloved Amity Language Institute in New York City. A dedicated, knowledgeable and patient teacher helped me take my first steps in this fascinating and unique language. Through her weekly classes and teachings, my teacher consistently fostered motivation, desire and joy to enhance my language skills, and I continued pursuing it. This helped me to establish an essential foundation to begin building up my new knowledge. Thus, in October of 2010, I decided to go to Tokyo and I am currently enrolled in a local language school. Studying Japanese with masters such as my teacher gave me a strong sense of hope, discipline and passion to persistently approach the new language. From my experience so far, studying Japanese is a captivating experience and a cultural enrichment. Language is the key to thought and gateway to peopleís character, spirit, values and traditions. I am very grateful to Amity Language Institute and especially to our dear teacher. All the teachers at Amity give special support and encouragement to embrace this new academic challenge, to practice and expand new language abilities that I am now experiencing in Tokyo."
Luiz Antonio de Aguiar

"I have been studying Japanese at Amity only since September and already I am at level three. The classes are small and there are many opportunities to speak, practice and ask questions. When I do the homework, I feel prepared for class and can make the most of what the teacher is offering. Intonation, pitch and pronunciation are all approached in a reasonable and measured way. I look forward to class each week and enjoy camaraderie with my classmates."
Dale Aman

"I studied Japanese at Amity Language Institute for two years (2007-2009), and it was probably the most enjoyable and yet effective way for me to learn Japanese. My results in 2009 for the French baccalaureate was an A+ in Japanese, and this is entirely due to the school which is extremely well organized and very professional but also with top level teachers who are able to adjust to personal cases. Overall, it was a great experience and it allowed me to have skills in Japanese so I could go work in Tokyo for two months last summer."
Maurice Forget

"I am currently attending the Amity Language Institute studying Japanese. Given my work commitments I find the schoolís location in midtown, and the flexible evening class schedule to have significant advantages. Even though I am at a beginning stage, my experience has so far been excellent. My instructor is not only extremely adept at explaining the course materials but her concern for my overall learning experience makes me look forward to Monday evenings. The class sizes are small which ensures unique attention but are not too intimate for those who may be a little self-conscious about their ability to learn and use a language. The small classes also facilitate good interaction among the students and provide for opportunities to develop friendships with others interested in learning not only the Japanese language but also about the culture of Japan."
Joe Basset

"I have tried to pick up Japanese myself for a few years, but I didnít make much progress until I joined Amity Language Institute. The learning process is much more enjoyable here by incorporating good textbooks, teacherís detailed instruction and frequent classroom practice. We are not only exposed to the language itself, but also Japanese culture and traditions. My language skills are built-up steadily through practical conversation and assorted study materials on top of grammar structure and also through understanding of the Japanese daily life. Classroom exchange with my teacher and fellow students is always fun in a small class, and I never get bored because everyone is given equal attention. The instructions vary according to each studentís situation. More specifically, accent and intonation is always emphasized here so you can really speak and communicate well in Japanese. No matter if you want to learn and appreciate this culture more, prepare for your travel, read manga or watch animť/film in original Japanese, or pass the JLPT, Amity Language Institute is the right place. I highly recommend this school. "
Dadong Li

"I found Amity Language Institute to be a perfect fit for my needs when I began my formal study of Japanese. I have now been living in Japan for several months and I owe a debt of gratitude to Amity for putting me on the right track toward understanding and using Japanese in a practical everyday fashion. The textbooks we worked with are excellent and I still use them on an almost daily basis to further my education. The staff is also very approachable and friendly. I looked forward to each one of my lessons there!"
John Henry Sheridan

"I have been learning Japanese at Amity Language Institute on and off for a few years now. I have taken both 1-to-1 private lessons and small group studies. I find that private lessons offers great flexibility. The teacher could speed up or slow down the learning progress according to my needs. Also, Amityís teachers can address needs that were unique to each student, such as pronunciation, modern informal Japanese conversation phrases, etc., during these private lessons.

On the other hand, learning in a small group offers great advantages as well. Besides making new friends, I could hold a conversation in Japanese with my fellow classmates, who had similar level of proficiency. Interacting with different people with higher-tone voices, lower-tone voices and with different accents in Japanese is very important to me because I would not get over-familiarized with a teacherís voice to the point where I only understand Japanese when spoken by her! Furthermore, I learned a lot from my fellow-students, who would raise questions on areas I missed.

Overall, I enjoy tremendously learning Japanese at Amity Language Institute. It is conveniently located, only two blocks from Grand Central Station. The building is safe with a security guard on duty right at the front entrance. The classrooms are clean, nice and quiet. Amity Language Institute offers a very inviting learning atmosphere and I can personally guarantee that Amity Language Institute is the best place to learn Japanese without having to fly to Japan!"
Hong Kong

"When I started my journey with the Amity Language Institute , I had very limited exposure to the Japanese language and the Japanese culture. Since I have been with Amity I have learned to speak, read and understand† the Japanese language and Japanese culture. I also have made friendships with fellow students and meet and experience the Japanese language we have learned. The teachers and their teaching methods allow the students to gain a grasp of not only the formal structure but the everyday usage of Japanese. The get-togethers also provide for informal exchange to learn about Japan and for the Japanese students learning English to learn American culture and to share foods of both Japan and America. The classroom allows for interaction of both students and teacher and exposure to learning Japanese. While the Japanese language is challenging, when you are able to converse and understand you gain an accomplishment that your hard work was worth it. I have enjoyed my†learning experience with Amity Language Institute and when I†traveled to Japan I found my experience enjoyable and was able to embrace the Japanese society. "
Richard Kerns

"I have studied Japanese at Amity Language Institute since January 2009. I really enjoy the process of knowledge accumulation of the Japanese language and culture. The teacherís way of teaching varies depending on each studentís individual situation. So I feel Amity Language Institute is the place that I have improved my Japanese most effectively. I have completed my fundamental Japanese study, and passed JLPT Level N4 last December with perfect scores in Reading, Grammar, and Vocabulary. I am now in the intermediate level, and I believe that through the joint efforts of the teacher and myself, I will advance in time. Learning a new language offers one a new perspective of and Amity Language Institute is definitely the right place to go. "
Cui Zhu

"From the young age of 11, I was an avid reader of Japanese comics. They came in translated books with the sound effects often left in the native language, in many different genres and printing companies. And it was because of these comic books that I became interested in learning Japanese. After about a year of fruitless independent study, I decided one summer to take formal lessons.

Thus, it was during the summer before my entrance into high school that I came to Amity Language Institute. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, my parents and I would drive into Manhattan and I would take a one-hour lesson. The lesson would often consist of a small vocabulary test, an in-depth grammar lesson, and a good amount of examples to help me fully comprehend the language. Sometimes, one of my teachers would spice up the lesson with a DVD lesson or a small piece of candy. I was always especially grateful for the candy.

And even once the school year began, I took lessons on Saturday mornings. This gave me enough space in my weekend to juggle my friendships with my schoolwork. During the course of these studies, Iíve even become literate in the Japanese written languages of hiragana and katakana, and am able to partially read some non-translated Japanese comics. Iím positively delighted with the results of my leaning, and will continue to utilize Amity Language Institute for as long as I possibly can."
Eleanor Hutchinson

"Growing up, I was always intrigued by Japanese food and culture. In college, I decided to take an elective Japanese class for a semester and absolutely fell in love with the language. When I moved to NY, I knew that I wanted to continue pursuing this interest, so that I could eventually visit Japan one day and communicate with the locals. I chose Amity over other schools because the class sizes were small and the school was conveniently located in the heart of Manhattan. Having studied at Amity on a weekly basis for the past two years, I would highly recommend the school to students who are interested in learning Japanese at any level. Classes are conducted by friendly, native Japanese teachers in a fun and interactive way with a well-structured curriculum that ensures progression. In fall 2010, I visited Tokyo for the first time and was glad to be able to tour the city with the language skills I had picked up. I am extremely satisfied with my experience at Amity and also recommended friends to study at the school. "
YS Tai

"When I knew I was coming to New York for the summer, I went on the internet to search for a Japanese language school in the city. Right from that moment--when I discovered the website--I saw that Amity Language Institute was thoughtful, thorough, careful and skillful in its approach to teaching Japanese. I came for a placement test, and from the moment I arrived, I was treated kindly, with real respect, and with authentic appreciation for my prior efforts to learn to speak. It was decided that I could best progress from working one-on-one with one of the teachers (although I was, again generously, given an opportunity to choose between a private and a group session). I came once a week. Each class was rigorous, demanding, and at the same time, a joy to experience. My teacher thoughtfully prepared each class and tailored my lessons to my interests and experience. She conveyed, in everything she said and explained, a faith that I could comprehend and master what she put before me. This strikes me as the best kind of teaching there is: challenging, demanding, complex, and yet gentle and sensitive...so that the learner, ultimately, comes to believe in herself and her own potential. I will return to Amity in the future as often as I can. It is a quietly harmonious place, one that invites us to reach beyond ourselves and yet still enjoy the hard work, the precise homework assignments, and the careful progression of each session. I recommend it to Japanese language students of all levels. "
Robyn Hunt

"I was always interested in Japanese culture and language, and so I tried to learn on my own a few times. Each time I quit without being able to memorize even a couple of kana signs. Fortunately, Amity class was the answer. I started to get into the spoken language. But also, I learned kana fairly quickly, I was able to read kana and also understand the grammar rules. Things started to make sense. I found the class very enjoyable. I found myself waiting for Thursday nights. The class was demanding but fun at the same time. The class materials not only included the books, but also other very interesting materials. This helped to keep the class exciting and fun."
Dmitri Kostukov

"I am Chinese working in a fast pace industry in NY. Learning a foreign language is always an enjoyable thing to do in my spare time. My friend and I decided to learn Japanese, and chose Amity Language Institute after carefully comparing all available Japanese schools in the city. Our learning experience is great. Our teacher is very patient, supportive and knowledgeable. After each of my weeknight classes, I always feel refreshed and relaxed. The teacher is always caring and does a great job of balancing students who are at different levels. Sometime I have to miss a class due to my job schedule. The teacher always sends me an email about the class and helps me with the homework. Within two months, I think I have made important progress on my learning path. Now I am more interested and determined to learn Japanese."
Evy Yan

"I never thought I would be able to learn a languageÖ.and Japanese felt more scary to learn than Spanish. In high school and the first year of college I took Spanish 1 over and over and over.

Now I have grandchildren who speak only Japanese; so thank you Amity.

The teaching/learning experience is very intimate and supportiveÖand disciplined. The pace is determined by how well each lesson is being absorbed. My teacher provides a great deal of encouragement and opportunities to learn and to have fun.

I always leave my lesson with a clear sense of accomplishment.

Most importantly...my grandchildren no longer think I am a ďbit slow.Ē We can talk, demo yukkuri yukkuri (although slowly, slowly)."
Paul Meyers

"Picking up a foreign language is not easy so it is essential that one chooses the right school. Semi-private lessons at Amity Language Institute are ideal for me -- instruction is customized to my level of Japanese proficiency and there is flexibility in scheduling classes. Compared to Japanese classes that I have taken at other schools, I have seen the best results with Amity.

Ours in particular has been an excellent and dedicated teacher. She pays more attention to linguistic details (such as intonation) to help me sound more Ďnaturalí speaking the language. Multiple times, she sacrificed her personal time in order to complete a class or cover important concepts. Most importantly, She shares anecdotes (and even Japanese food!) that add color and flavor to what is a challenging language to learn. You won't find a more thorough immersion unless you go to Japan!"
Yongchuan Pan

"I began studying the Japanese language at community college before attending the Amity Language Institute. Although I gained the basic foundation at community college, I must say, that I preferred attending classes at Amity Language Institute. My teacher presented the material in a way that was not only easy to understand, but also fun and enjoyable.†

Part of the success of a student's ability to learn a language relies on a teacher's ability to recognize their students' strengths and weaknesses. Our teacher certainly possesses this ability. Anytime I or others had trouble with pronunciation or understanding a concept, she would take the time to help us understand. I never felt neglected.†

I am thankful that I found such a great environment for learning Japanese. I will be going to the Amity Language Institute for all my future language learning needs.

I am thankful that I found such a great environment for learning Japanese. I will be going to the Amity Language Institute for all my future language learning needs."
Daniel Bradham

"At the beginner level Amity has enabled me to surpass the initial barriers of the Japanese language. The phasing of the discourse as well as the patience and passion of the professor helped ease me and my classmates, into a thorough understanding of the written and spoken structures. Once acquainted, we utilized workbooks, videos, audio CDs, and in-class improvisations to saturate us in both the culture and social experience of Japanese life. I would sincerely recommend Amity Language Institute for any working adult who wishes to learn the Japanese language."
Mike Wysochanski

"I had the greatest experience studying Japanese at Amity Language Institute.

I originally chose the institute because of its flexible schedule and convenient location, as it's just two blocks away from Grand Central Station. As it turns out my teacher has far exceeded my expectation. She is a very experienced and dedicated teacher. She has a lot of patience and is very attentive to making sure all her students understand the material. She would go above and beyond to collect or prepare extra materials for each student's needs.

After an intensive four months of lessons, and finishing the first book of Minna-no-Nihongo, not only was I able to converse in basic Japanese while traveling in Japan, but also I passed the JLPT N5 exam this past December. "
New York

"Japanese is a language that I love and have struggled to learn ever since I first began studying it in college. At Amity Language Institute, I have found a teacher from whom I have learned a great deal-- enough to pass Level N2 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, which I took this past December. At the moment, I also attend a Japanese class at the Japan Society of New York, but my one-on-one at Amity are intensive and highly informative. Amity Language Institute offers many different levels of instructions, and I know that those who learn in a group context are equally as passionate about their studies because I met several of them this past winter at the school's Christmas party.

Overall, I am grateful to have found a place where I can further my Japanese skills. How lucky I am be in New York, where the school is conveniently located! If you live in or near Manhattan and want to learn how to speak, read and/or write Japanese, Amity Language Institute is the place to go."
Sheila Goldman

"Many years ago, I had an opportunity to visit Japan and explored its culture for the first time. Since that time, I became fascinated with Japanís unique culture, history, and language and decided to learn Japanese in order to understand them better.

First, I tried to teach myself with my own materials but had great difficulty learning pronunciation and Kanji (Chinese characters). I quickly grew frustrated and soon began searching for a Japanese language school where I could receive help and luckily found Amity Language School.

From the moment of my first Japanese lesson at Amity, the teachers put me at ease and made me feel comfortable with their professional and supportive attitude. I immediately knew that I had made the right choice. I rediscovered my passion for the Japanese language and culture and before I knew it, I realized that I had been studying at Amity for four years!

The friendly and encouraging atmosphere at Amity was the most important reason I felt so confident speaking Japanese there. Their small class size and individual attention helped me acquire a great command of the Japanese language and considerable skills in reading, writing and understanding the cultures as well. Throughout my time at Amity, I had a lot of fun in sharing my culture with and learning the cultures of Amityís diversified student body.

Now, my Japanese friends never cease to be amazed by my Japanese speaking and comprehension abilities. Practicing my conversational skills with these friends has helped me to understand their way of thinking better. I am so grateful to Amity Language School and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about the Japanese language and culture."
Hee Myung Kim

"Learning another language is a challenging adventure. With Amity Language Institute this adventure is truly exciting. I have been studying Japanese at Amity Language Institute for about seven months, and I look forward to a new class every week. Our teacher keeps us motivated, which is very important in keeping the initial drive to learn another language. Every class is carefully prepared. We practice new vocabulary, study grammar, read, write and talk about Japan and it's culture. Our teacher is a native speaker and the book that we use in class is also made by native speakers. I think it sets up a very good learning environment and helps to dive in to the language best. I am very happy to have found this school. The class groups are very small, and every student gets plenty of attention. I will definitely stay with Amity until I master my Japanese language skills."
Artem Kulakov

"Amity Language Institute is a great place to get started learning Japanese! My teacher is an enthusiastic, patient teacher, who makes learning the language interesting, serious, but fun. The textbooks we use (Minna-no-Nihongo) are a solid basis for presenting grammatical usage and then providing various exercises for practice. While in class, my teacher encourages the students to practice speaking to our fellow classmates using the new language we learned in order to hear the words spoken and respond with the proper response. In addition, she corrects our pronunciation in class and informs us of various nuances of the language, which is helpful to speak a bit more like a native. The CD that accompanies Minna-no-Nihongo also is a critical element to hearing and mimicking Japanese language, ensuring that you can practice the proper pronunciation, accent, and intonation at home. Every week is more exciting than the last as you build on your knowledge."
Leslie Loggans

"Anyone might be able to learn a new language using textbooks and videos, but joining Amity Language Institute allows you to learn a language and experience Japanese culture. The instructors are very knowledgeable and passionate in that they combine lectures with videos, pictures and personal experiences. The lectures are well-structured and provide the foundation to become fluent in writing, reading and speaking Japanese.

Prior to joining Amity, I spoke very little Japanese. I learned some common phrases from watching Japanese dramas. But now I am able to communicate in Japanese. This strongly motivates me to continue learning with Amity and I believe my Japanese language skills will progress further with the Instituteís assistance. "
Annie Shen

"Being a student of Amity Language has been a wonderful experience. Prior to enrolling, I had very limited knowledge of Japanese based on self-study and I was not sure if I would be able to improve. However, the teachers at Amity were very encouraging and in a short time, I was surprised at the ease in which I could follow random Japanese conversations I would hear everywhere I went in New York. It gave me the inspiration and drive I needed to keep studying and now, I feel that staying on this path of learning a new language is opening up another window of opportunity for me as I continue my life in New York City. I am very fortunate to be enrolled in a school where the teachers are very particular about what the students need and what areas they can improve on without being overbearing. With my regular teacher, especially, I have learned so much more about the Japanese culture than I would have normally found in documentaries or travel guides. The teacherís little anecdotes of her own life in Japan add a more personal touch to our learning experience and make the class more interesting and lively.

It is more than an honor to be part of a school that puts so much effort into helping their students learn and I am very grateful for the experience and the hard work and dedication shown by Amity Language Institute and its teachers."
Maia Dumdum
The Philippines

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